Soccer North "finding the edge".

Maximize Your on field Potential.

Join our team and maximize your potential within the 4 main areas of soccer development.

Youth Soccer Program

Youth soccer in Canada is becoming much more competitive and there are now a greater number of young players, chasing a limited amount of higher level opportunities..

To achieve success, you will have to “find an edge” over the other players that you are competing against so that you can maximize your potential within the 4 main areas of soccer development – Technique, Game Intelligence, Physical capabilities and Mental strength.

Training Philosophy

The player must be placed at the central point of learning!

Our focus must always remain on the technical, tactical, physical and mental development of the individual player. Every child that enters our program is expected to leave our program not only a better player, but more importantly a better person. The player's academic education must work "hand-in-hand" with their learning as a player.

We are an individual skills development company that places emphasis on development of the individual. We emphasize individual creativity and game intelligence of our individual players over regimented team structures and team results.

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